St. Agnes School, Mangalore started by the Apostolic Carmel Sisters in 1965, is a Minority Institution as per the Constitution of India, Article 30 (1). The Apostolic Carmel Congregation was founded by Mother Veronica of the Passion in 1868 and was established on St. Ann’s Campus, Mangalore in 1870 with its main thrust being, the development of women as persons imbued with deep faith in God and in themselves by providing sound Catholic Education. Over the past hundred and thirty nine years of its existence, the Institute has expanded with a large number of educational institutions in India, Sri Lanka, Middle East and East Africa. In Karnataka under the
auspices of the Apostolic Carmel Educational Society (Reg.),
it runs,

  1. Centers for Post Graduation Courses 02
  2. College of Education 01
  3. Degree Colleges 02
  4. P.U. Colleges 07
  5. D.Ed. Colleges 02
  6. T.T.I. for Special Education 01
  7. Vocational Training Centers 03
  8. Community Colleges 02
  9. Aided High Schools 10
  10. Unaided High Schools 06
  11. CBSE School 04
  12. Aided Higher Primary Schools 09
  13. Unaided Higher Primary Schools 13
  14. Special Schools 02
  15. Preparatory Schools 15
  16. Centers for Distant Education 04

While fulfilling the Objectives of a Minority Institution for the education of this minority community, our Institutions are also open to all, irrespective of caste and creed. However, in keeping with the aims and philosophy of a Catholic Institution, we have a special concern for the disadvantaged and the marginalized sections of the society through our education.

St. Agnes, the Patron Saint of this School, is a model of all that is pure and beautiful to the students of St. Agnes School. A wealthy Roman maiden, she chose to be faithful to God in spite of all that the world offered her to give up her purity and personal integrity. We have adopted her Motto, ‘GOD IS MY STRENGTH’. Our Motto too is in order that the students may be inspired to choose the hard right against the easy wrong in times of conflict and temptation to yield to the allurements of this world.

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