activity on festivals of india

The activity of grade 1C and 1D was conducted on 5th November 2022

The imagination of the students of St Agnes school ran wild when they planned to work on Festivals of India. The blooming brains and busy hands brought out a unique spell of creativity, depicting the symbols and the decorations used at the various festivals. Colorful symbols like lantern, diya’s, rangoli brought the festival alive.

This presentation of festivals brought joy on the faces of the children celebrating this event in our school has become an integral part of learning and building cultural belief. This activity brought the students closer to each other’s customs and traditions.

So apart from the classroom learning, our school encourages students to celebrate each and every festivals and event with great zeal and enthusiasm.

In this activity all the students participated actively, they demonstrated and explained the activities to parents and their fellow students. This activity became success with the cooperation and support of parents and teachers.

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