Self-defence is not only our right; it is our duty. It is a state of the mind and it begins with the belief that you are worth defending.

A Self Defence Workshop was conducted in St. Agnes CBSE School, on 30th August 2019, for the students of grade 6-10. The workshop was conducted by The Institute of Karate and Allied Arts spearheaded by Mrs. Reena Ranjith a senior karate instructor of St. Agnes P.U College. Accompanying her was, Mr. Ranjith Manjunath, a senior instructor at The Institute of Karate and Allied Arts and Ms. Ritusha, a Female Grand Champion of 2018. Ma’am came with her able bodied team of students who demonstrated different useful karate techniques of self defence.

At the workshop, students were apprised on the importance of self-defence and the various techniques to liberate themselves from undesirable situations. There was a demonstration on street fight techniques in a real life scenario. The students left the enriching session feeling empowered and more confident.

We thank ma’am for all her concern and dedication towards the school and its students and wish her a bright future!!