The students of Grade VI A B C D of St. Agnes CBSE School went on a field trip to Shobhavana , Moodbidri on 21-10-2019. Students visited the Alva’s Pharmacy. The staff in charge briefed the students about the various steps involved in manufacturing Ayurvedic medicine and how they are stored in clay and porcelain utensils. The students also had a look at the units involved in preparing the ayurvedic medicines.

Later the students were taken to ‘Shobhavana’, Herbal garden. The students had a look at several varities of rare and endogenous herbal plants which are commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine like the Lemon Grass, Noni, Jasmine , Cancer Plant , Centella Asiatica , Neem , different breeds of Brahmi Plant , Vanas etc

After which the students visited ‘The birds and Butterfly Park’ Mr. Muttappa explained to the students about the different variety of migratory birds that visit the Park throughout the year. Several fragrant and colourful flowers like Lantana Plant are grown in the ‘Birds and Butterfly Park’ to attract the different variety of butterflies.

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