Everything you ‘DON’T KNOW’ is something ‘YOU CAN LEARN’.

“The first educational objective is to find teachers who are qualified and dedicated. Once this has been done the problem of syllabus, methods of teaching and discipline of students are easier to solve. The living example of the teacher is most important. Mere learning is insufficient but it gives light and warmth indispensable is the vocation of teachers in society” - Pope John Paul II

Education is an opportunity to open children’s hearts and minds to the unbelievable wonders of the universe. A time to pause, reflect and regenerate. Here is an account of the spectacular performance of teachers during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The teachers took initiative to grab the opportunities to be creative to upgrade themselves for the need of the time. This was the tough time for the teachers to adopt a new way of approach towards the students yet with a view to be constructive and dynamic professionals. To equip teachers with necessary skills and techniques for effective online classroom teaching various enrichment programmes organised for the teachers. Teachers attended the seminar on 'Online teaching methods' conducted by St. Agnes College. Thereafter the teachers took up daily classes for grade 8th, 9th and 10th.

As the online classes progressed successfully for the high school students the enthusiastic teachers of primary section kept themselves involved in engaging the students through the interesting innovative activities. Teachers of grade 1 to 7th conducted the sessions for their colleagues in different activities in different subjects.
Here is the glimpse which gives the entire picture of the functioning of the school during the lock down period.

“If you keep on creating an atmosphere, the rest will be done by the atmosphere itself. Even the wingless leaves rise high like birds when a powerful storm comes”.

“Never stop learning, life never stops teaching”.


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