Human rights day was observed on 10th December 2020 at St. Agnes CBSE School to honour the United Nations General Assembly’s adoption and proclamation of the Universal declaration of human rights. A prayer service was conducted virtually by the students of grade IX and X. The importance of respect for life was conveyed through various reading from the Holy Scriptures. The day was observed to educate the students about their rights regardless of race colour, religion, sex, birth, language, etc.

The students of grade I to V prepared posters on human rights through which they tried to spread the message of trust, peace, power, hope, freedom, liberty, equality, dignity and justice. Students virtually spoke on the significance of the day . In their speech they stressed on the civil, political and social rights. They expressed how these rights are being violated in the present day and felt the necessity to come together and tackle the issue. They also conveyed the message that human rights are essential for a happy living .

Students virtually participated by performing a role play on right to education, right to equality, rights against exploitation, right to freedom of religion etc. Awareness is the best step forward in checking human rights violations. The performance of the students through various activities focused on how education coupled with awareness of one’s right could bring in better results.

Grade VI to X students prepared posters on Human Rights and Respect for Life. A virtual speech was delivered by Shainel Dsouza a student of Grade IX C. In her speech she expressed that as thuman life is a gift from God, every human being needs to respect it.

Dr Sahana Maben Clinical Co-ordinator at AB Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences shared a few thoughts on human rights wherein she expressed that human rights are those minimal rights which every individual must possess. A safe and peaceful world can be only achieved when there is universal respect for inheriting dignity.

Teacher Janet Antony expressed that all human beings are equal and the most precious gift is liberty. Human rights are very essential for a happy living of human beings, however these days they are violated endlessly. She stressed that every individual should strive to make the rights relevant to the most majority of our people in whose lives they have no meaning.

The Government and the citizens should take efforts to protect each other and progress for better, this will ensure happiness and prosperity all over the world.

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