For the month of July St. Agnes CBSE School organised the notice board competition on the following topics:
Category 1. Importance of family life
Category 2. No Trees - No Rain
Category 3. No Trees - No Rain
Category 4. Water is precious treasure save it with pleasure
Category 5. The Significance of Carmel

The students took active part in order to grab the opportunity given and used their creativity to convey the message through colourful displays, pictures and relevant information.


Class 1 & 2

 1st place STD1 C


 2nd place 1 STD B


3rd place STD 2 A


Class 3 & 4

 1st Palce-STD 3B


 2nd Place- STD 4B


 3rd Place-STD 4D


Class 5 & 6

 1st Place-STD 6B


  2nd Place-STD 6A


  3rd Place-STD 5B


 3rd Place-STD 5C


Class 7 & 8

 1st Place- STD 8B


 2nd Place-STD 7A


 2nd Place-STD 7B


 3rd Place-STD 7C


 3rd Place-STD 8A


Class 9 & 10

 1st Place-STD 10B


 2nd Place-STD 10A


3rd Place-STD 9C



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